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Hidden Manna Ministries | Hidden Manna Ministries holds retreats and workshops across the world, with our home base being The Woodlands, Texas. Our most popular retreats are held within four hours of The Woodlands. Both Dr. Paul Looney and his mother Louise Looney are also frequent speakers for a variety of organizations. We are blessed that God provides ever expanding opportunities for the ministry and we look forward to continued expansion into missions, print and media.

One Flesh | One Flesh teaching draws from psychology, physiology and human development. Jesus' first words in the Sermon on the Mount, known as the Beatitudes, anchor One Flesh in biblical truths.  One Flesh provides a safe environment. There is no airing of dirty laundry and the exercises are done with sensitivity to each couple's privacy.


Out of EgyptOut of Egypt is a three-day retreat designed to help you identify and leave behind defenses which have served their purpose and now keep you in bondage. 

Clinical professionals empowering the community We are a group of clinical professionals committed to transforming the lives of those in our community by serving the diverse needs of our clients from a sound Biblical worldview. While we each practice independently, we maximize our effectiveness through mutual referrals, collaboration, and sharing of onsite resources. Collectively, we inspire and empower our clients to receive the truth and hope needed for freedom, healing, and victory to live a life of maximum impact.

Woodlands Church

One Church | Three Locations 

Dr. Looney is a teaching pastor at The Woodlands Church,  Fellowship of the Woodlands.

His ministry at the Church includes: 
Counseling and Recovery  |  Celebrate Recovery Restoration  |  Lay Counseling   Bridging the Gap

For any information go to:  or call  281-825-8963
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